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Andy Hornby's website with his own tunes in midi,. PDF and abc formats.
Also music from the Winder manuscripts from Wyresdale near Lancaster
with pictures and info about the Winder tunes, village bands & dancing masters.
Also, miscellaneous traditional & early music in PDF form.
www. andyhornby.net
Very useful folky site with listings of bands,events, folk music news etc. Folking.com
The FARNE project (Folk Archive Resource North-East)   A wealth of information about North Eastern  music and traditions.  http://www.asaplive.com/Free Reed Band, Ceilidh Band, LancasterFARNE/Home.cfm
Another great collection of tunes, including Carolan, O Neil's and Allen's Irish Fiddler  in Midi, ABC, dots and Noteworthy Composer format. Noteworthy is cheap, straightforward and worth investigating for producing notation and converting midi files           http://www.oldmusicproject.com/oneils1.html 
The Fiddler's Companion-
A Huge collection of fiddle tunes       
Fantastic collection of mostly Irish tunes http://www.thesession.org/index.php/search?q=polkas&start=0&scope=The+Session
Search for English Broadside ballads       http://www.english.ucsb.edu/emc/ballad_project/sample_songs/index.asp
Very useful links to all things folky in the North West of England                   http://www.folknorthwest.co.uk/links.htm
Contacts details for bands, callers, folk clubs etc across Lancashire                    http://www.lancashirefolk.co.uk/index.htm
Community & Arts centre in Freehold, Lancaster's  answer for all things musical and artistic. It has recently opened a  mini cinema (free to members). We have an anything goes (well at least most things!) music session upstairs on a Thursday night. This is likely to feature fiddles, mandolins, banjos, accordions, hurdy gurdys, guitars bagpipes of various sorts, and tin whistles. The tunes range from medieval & renaissance stuff, Irish/Scottish/English/European to Klezmer and Spanish fandangos! 
There is also a thriving regular Irish session on Tuesdays.
The Virtual Lancaster Lancaster web site, with listings of bands, events and lots of information about what's going on in Lancaster http://www.lancasterukonline.net/market/gallery/music/music_hq.htm
Priceless resource for info & chat about folk related topics. Search for song lyrics.   http://www.mudcat.org
"Folkopedia"  Up and coming "Wikipedia" for Folk Music of all kinds    http://folkopedia.efdss.org
Richard Robinson's Tunebook. A vast and invaluable collection of tunes from various sources. In ABC notation and the dots (PNG). The full Winder manuscripts are here as are copies of some of the printed books that the Winder family band used as a source of tunes. http://www.leeds.ac.uk/music/Info/RRTuneBk/tunebook.html
The Village MusicProject: A central repository for manuscripts of village band music
and Dancing Masters. Full of useful background to English dance music traditions
Julian Taylor's useful site all about fiddles and fiddle music. Also useful links to folk related things, especially in the North West http://www.fiddlemusic.co.uk/index.htm